Four Great Grapevine TX Restaurants That You Might Like

These Grapevine TX restaurants are going to be impressive for sure, and I am hoping that you find some delicious food to eat. You can decide on which restaurant sounds best to you, but you are going to given some wonderful choices. When you go out and about looking for great food to eat in Grapevine TX, remember these four picks so that you can enjoy a great meal.

The first pick is Zeppole Coastal Italian, and its location is 1501 Gaylord Trail. Are you familiar with the Gaylord Texas Resort? That is where you’re going to find Zeppole Coastal Italian Restaurant. Order up a beet salad, sea bass, lamb and much more. People say you can expect a great wine list and excellent service as well. Reviews also mention that this place can have a wait list, so keep that in mind if you want to stop by for dinner.

Mac’s on Main is in a historic district of Grapevine, and cinnamon rolls make the menu favorites. Prime rib is also quite popular, and then there is the scallop appetizer, hanger steak and so much more that people visiting this restaurant like to order. Make your way to 909 South Main Street, and you can discover just what is waiting for you as you look to enjoy the best restaurants in Grapevine TX.

Great Scott Restaurant is another favorite, and its location is 1701 Cross Roads Drive. Pork belly, short ribs, lobster risotto and pickled veggies are just some of what’s waiting for you at Great Scott Restaurant. Ask about the meat and cheese boards if that is your thing. People say that Great Scott Restaurant is family owned, and that should make it extra special as well.

Then there is Silver Fox, which is located at 1235 William D Tate Avenue. This is a pick for fine dining if you like that type of restaurant. Does a rack of lamb sound good right about now? How about salmon or a delicious steak? People do say that this restaurant places an emphasis on steaks.

It’s time to enjoy some of the best food in Grapevine, Texas. In order to do that, you need to know the places that serve it up. You have been provided with the names of four great restaurants, and you’re going to really like what is waiting for you there if you end up stopping by.